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Beautiful Wedding Cakes & Homemade Pastries

Carrie Cerino’s features our own home bakery that can fulfill any of your baking needs from special cakes and pastry trays to breads and rolls for any event you may need that special touch! When planning that special event at your home or office remember to call Carrie Cerino’s for all your food service needs. Our carry out food and bakery menu’s are second to none in both quality and pricing. Carrie Cerino’s the only name you need to remember when planning that special function from your home or office.

  • Deposits of $15.00 per set of pedestals must be taken on all cakes delivered outside of restaurant.  Deposits of $75.00 will be taken for fountains and returned when the fountain is returned.  Add $20.00 to above prices for all fountain cakes.
  • Casada cakes are $3.95 per person.
  • For fresh flowers on round cakes, add the price of the flowers.
  • Date nut cakes are an additional $0.15 per person.
  • Heart shaped cakes on either side of a wedding cake are $15.00 each.
  • Cakes delivered out side the restaurant will be charged according to distance traveled.
  • $0.50 per person cutting fee for cakes not produced here.
  • Any specialized cake will be priced when ordered

Cannoli Cake is $4.00 more than Casada Cakes. (Chocolate, white or yellow cake w/ filling of ricotta cheese, nuts, cherries, chocolate chunks and whipped cream icing)

Carrot Cake: Same price as Casada(cream cheese icing)

Sabayon is a choc. cake with chocolate whipped cream filling, flavored with sherry & iced with chocolate whipped cream.

Whipped cream topping- Extra $3.50